Le Trafalgar du 25.01.2021

Emission Punk Garage

LOS CHICOS the price
GORLS planet vator
MORE KICKS born to run
SPEEDWAYS the day I call you mine
OH NO'S molly
WYLDE TRYFLES baby I was wrong
Q65 cry in the night
MYSTIC EYES from above
ROYAL HANGMEN I'll walk away
JOEY BEDLAM & DOLLSQUAD tiki lifestyle
NERVE BUTTON nikki got her knickers kicked
GUITAR GANSTERS nothing to shout about
COFFIN LIDS walk a mile in my shoes
TOMMY & THE ROCKETS back of my hand
PSYCHOTIC YOUTH where eagles dare
GEOFF PALMER & LUCY ELLIS in town this size
BOX OF FISH the good,the bad,the ugly
LEFTARDS motley tramp stamp
CHATS identity theft
AUTOMATICS dumb games
MOCKRA tv room
BARRERACUDAS cut me loose
PERSONAL & THE PIZZAS dict,crime & delinquency

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